Let's not forget that the only thing that has no production in the world is land. The basic rule in the economy determines the price of a commodity, supply and demand, the supply remains constant but if the demand is constantly increasing, the price will continue to increase. It is precisely for this reason that it will be the best option for you to direct your investments to the real estate. .

As ADA YATIRIM, our twenty years of experience and know-how in the sector remind us that there are some important rules in acquiring real estate.

You should review these important points that need attention in order to guide your savings properly.

1. If you want to get profitable from your real estate investments, it is very important to work with an experienced partner who has proven itself in this sector, not with hearsay knowledge, so that your future plans are not interrupted ... Do not forget that you cannot be a master of a job you do not apprentice ..!

2. Before real estate purchase takes place, the relevant real estate must be investigated meticulously in official apartments. For example, to understand whether a plot shown to you and the deed of that plot belong to the same real estate; All official documents should be reviewed in the land registry and municipality to which the relevant plot is attached.

3. Whether the real estate you will buy belongs to a person or whether it is a share should be investigated from the land registry office and it should be examined whether there is a problem with the other shares in the title deeds. If you purchase the shares in title deeds, you should know that the shareholders have the right to pre-purchase (ŞUFA).

4. What is the type of land in the deed of the land you will buy is one of the subjects that you should pay attention to most. In other words, if the plot is written, it means zoned, if it says the field, it means zoned.

5. The location of the plot you will buy, the size, the distance to the road and settlements, the rate and possibilities of construction should be checked.

6. In order not to be harmful in your land investments; A price comparison should be made between the equivalent lands in the region and the land you want to buy in terms of their qualities. There may be an unlicensed illegal building on the land you will buy and it should not be overlooked that there is a possibility of fines from the municipality regarding the reason for the building in question.

7. One of the most important factors to be considered about the zoning status of land properties; It is the compulsory abandonment of the land you plan to take to the road, park or another public area. If the public abandonment (or in other words, DOP deductions) known as the application of the 18th item of the land planned to be purchased has not been made, approximately 35-40% of the land abandonment will have to be left to the public and a land of the desired size cannot be purchased.

8. Another issue that is frequently made wrong in land investment and which needs attention is; The land title you plan to purchase is a building that has been registered as a plot and continues around the land.

This does not mean that the land you are planning to buy is without problems. Many investors act on the assumption that there is no problem when they see structures that are finished around or are still under construction around the land they are planning to buy. The zoning or parceling plans may have been canceled and therefore no new construction permit is granted throughout the region where the land planned to be purchased is located.

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